Wednesday, May 24, 2017

At Strathmillan, the creation of balanced classes is fundamental in supporting the instructional program and diverse needs of all the learners within the classroom setting. The Class Placement Process is an extremely complex one involving the gathering of information about student needs and the making of collaborative decisions about students' placement in classes.


The purpose of the Class Placement Process is to maximize the learning and teaching opportunities for all students by constructing balanced classes. Every effort is made to promote the potential for positive student interactions and open students up to the possibilities of new friendships.  Using our best professional judgment, we strive to construct classes that are heterogeneous (mixed) and balanced in composition.


The following criteria are used to establish balanced classes:

           • Our knowledge of social interactions, dynamics between individual students and 

           groups of students

• Placement of students new tStrathmillan

• Male / female ratio

• Approximately equal class sizes

• Special programming needs


As in previous years, we respectfully request that inquiries unrelated to the criteria outlined above not be submitted. 

Decisions regarding class formation rest with the school but parents and caregivers can assist the process by:

- Helping their children to understand the importance and complexity of class formation.

- Supporting placements that have been made.


Parents and caregivers are encouraged to trust in the decisions made by the school.  

Each June, students across the division in grades 5 and 8 have a special time set aside for their transition to Middle School and High School. We would like to create this special time for our Kindergarten to grade 4 students to meet with their new teacher during the last week of school. We believe that to best prepare our students for their upcoming year, it is important for students to see their new classrooms and meet their new teachers.

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