Thursday, February 23, 2017

Student Leadership

I would like to take this time to thank all of the leaders who help make Strathmillan a great school.  Not only do we have wonderful and caring adults who provide guidance and leadership each and every day we also have many student leaders who should be acknowledged.  

Thank you to our street patrols, bus patrols and kindergarten patrols who assist many students each day and remind them that safety comes first.  Thank you to our grade 4 and 5 milk helpers who give up time during their lunches to supply milk.  Our Student Council continues to work hard on their next project.  They are working on the Time Capsule Project which will capture our memories of Strathmillan School. Thank you to the Stand Up Club for their work promoting our positive school climate. Thank you to our grade 4 and 5 students who volunteered at our Family Literacy evening earlier this month.  We are pleased to share that our Playground Leadership Crew (PLC) has been circulating around the playground at recess encouraging positive play opportunities and providing ice-packs and band-aidsIt is clear that leadership opportunities are alive and well at Strathmillan but always changing to meet the needs of the students and school.  This year we have had grade 2 and 3 students from Room 41 and 38 working hard to learn about the concerns facing polar bears as a result of global warming.  These students have taken this learning focus and with the help of their teachers have brought their knowledge to a much larger group so that others can learn from them.  Always remember that leadership has no age limits rather it is about finding what you are passionate about and thinking outside the box to share your message with others that will impact deep change.  

I can’t wait to see what our student leaders will plan for the rest of the year.




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